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My primary professional interest are telecommunications systems and networks.Dipl.-Ing. Milan Marković, (M.Sc.E.E. equivalent)
proffesional telecommunication engineer

Milan Markovic, M.Sc.E.E.Home Address:
Vladimira Nikolica 4/33
21000 Novi Sad
Tel. +381 63 663 171
E-mail: [email protected]

I am  Master of Science in Electrical engineering with minor in Electronics and Telecommunications. My goal is to work in a telecom company as an engineer for planning telecom networks, an engineer for PBXs, or an engineer for design and planing of radio communication systems. I will accept any challenge in my profession, which includes constant education and improvement. My wish is to develop new things, and gather new experiences.

University of Nis, Nis, Yugoslavia
Faculty of Electronic Engineering, Nis, Yugoslavia
M.Sc. Electrical Engineering, Graduation Date: June 1998.
Overall GPA: 7.60; Major GPA: 10.00 (10.00 scale)

Network service administrator (2006- present)
SPEKTRA SISTEM D.O.O., Novi Sad, Serbia & Montenegro
Design engineer for security systems (2005- 2006)
– Design of security system (CCTV, fire protection, access control, instrusion detection) INTEL-CO D.O.O., Novi Sad, Yugoslavia
Design engineer for telecom network and systems (1999- present)
– Project engineer for telephone networks, classic copper and fiber optics networks (1999-2001).
– Design of structured cabling systems and computers network and especially FO networks (2001).
– Design of MDFs (2000-2001).
– Design of telephone network and business private exchange for Petrol Industry of Serbia, Refinery of Novi Sad (2000).
– Design of digital transmission system and FO network for Beocin Cement Company (2001).
– Design of telephone installation for Vojvodjanska Bank Novi Sad (2000).
– Provide consulting for digital transmission systems, private business exchanges, HFC cable television networks, radio networks, telecom radio links, radio and TV transmitters and power surge protection.
– Design engineer of radio networks and radio and TV transmitters.
– Design of telecommunication transmission systems (2001-2004).
– Preparing of technical documentation (1999-2004).
INTEL D.O.O., Novi Sad, Yugoslavia
Manager of new projects (07.06.1998. – 1.09.1999.)
– Manage and plan an introduction of Quante telecom products to Yugoslav market (e.g.,
passive telecom equipment—contact technology, Quante structured cabling systems and small
Quante ISDN PBX-s) (1998-1999).
– Design cable distribution system for cable television in Brazilija, Beocin. (1998)
– Manage construction of telephone network for Petrol Industry of Serbia (1998).
– Participate in reconstruction and modernization of old crossbar telephone switches (1998-1999).
– Design and construct structured cabling systems.

– Knowledge of general electronics and telecommunications systems.
– Design and programming of PBXs Integral33xE (Bosch Telecom – Tenovis) and Consono MD110 (Ericsson).
– Knowledge of 3M-telecom division, Quante, Pouyet and Tyco Electronic – Raychem products and design passive telecom networks with these products.
– Knowledge of design structured cabling systems with Quante-Pouyet equipment, 3M volition systems, Molex, Brand-Rex, Ritall and Panduit equipment.
– Skilled in power surge protections system design with Sankosha, Citel and Epcos components.
– Fluent English speaker, limited verbal German language, speaking Russian and Serbian language as mother tongue
– Proficiency in standard office software (MS Word, MS Excel and MS Power point), mathematical software, AutoCAD, Visio.
– Knowledge of using and basic administration of operating systems: DOS, Windows 3.11, Windows 95,98,2000, Windows NT 4.0 Workstation, XP, Windows 7 and Server Windows NT, 2000 and 2003, Irix and Linux.
– “Vukova diploma” award for overall success in education.
– “Alasova diploma” award for success in mathematics and natural sciences.
– “Nikola Tesla” award for radio engineering.
– “Svetozar Markovic diploma” award success in philosophy competitions.
– “Stevana Mokranjca diploma” award for success in music.
– State permission (license) for design of telecom systems and telecom networks.
– Published two papers at TELFOR conference in area of digital signal processing.
– Membership in Yugoslavian Society of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
– Membership in Serbian chamber of engineers in Belgrade.

Community service works in center for social help (design information system). Linux administration and network design is my hobby. Playing piano (elementary musical school). Radio amateur.

Milan Marković, M.Sc.E.E.
E-mail: [email protected]
Mob.tel.: +381 63 663 171